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Evaluating the impact of national
HIV prevention programs

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently provides grant
funding to community-based organizations (CBOs) and health departments (HDs)
to conduct HIV prevention programs in local communities.


The CDC has established data requirements for National HIV Prevention Monitoring and Evaluation (NHM&E) activities. The grant recipients are required to submit their NHM&E data to CDC to fulfill the obligations of their cooperative agreements. The CDC faces the task of effectively utilizing this data to report on local and national HIV prevention efforts and assess their overall impact.

CB STRAT’s Solution

Our skillful team combines deep expertise in program evaluation methodologies with advanced data analytics techniques to facilitate the assessment of HIV prevention programs. We develop comprehensive evaluation frameworks tailored to CDC’s specific needs, ensuring accurate measurement of outcomes, program effectiveness, and stakeholder satisfaction. We leverage modern data analysis tools and robust statistical models to transform complex data sets into clear and meaningful reports, visualizations, and recommendations.

The results of our efforts enable CDC to make data-informed decisions – utilizing the data for policy updates, program monitoring, and especially for improvement of HIV prevention activities.

Training and technical assistance to
support federal grant recipients

National HIV Prevention Program Monitoring and Evaluation (NHM&E) is a set of standardized HIV
prevention data variables. For The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), collection of these
variables allows for detailed and comprehensive reporting of HIV prevention program activities, including
fiscal information, client service data, and data required for calculating program performance indicators.


Public health departments and community-based organizations receiving grant funding through CDC cooperative agreements are required to conduct NHM&E data collection and reporting as part of their implementation of HIV prevention programs. The CDC sought to strengthen its support to the grant recipient community by providing impact-focused technical assistance and tailored training that incorporates input from subject matter experts.

CB STRAT’s Solution

Our team successfully operated and maintained the “NHM&E Service Center”, which was housed in our Chamblee, GA office, specifically designed for call/service center operations . Our experienced staff of public health subject matter experts engaged directly with the grant recipients to provide accurate, consistent communication concerning NHM&E and addressed issues related to program evaluation and data reporting. As a part of that work, we implemented strategies to:

Our efforts yielded positive outcomes by equipping recipients with readily available assistance to
effectively implement HIV prevention programs in accordance with the federal grant objectives.
Additionally, CB STRAT’s Service Center operations amplified CDC’s capacity to better manage and more
effectively engage with the recipient community.

Planning and executing
large-scale federal conferences

When properly planned and implemented, conferences and workshops are
effective ways to raise awareness about important issues. For the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), these events are highly effective vehicles for
convening subject matter experts to address public health priorities.

CB STRAT’s Solution

The CDC tapped CB STRAT to provide turn-key meeting planning support for some of their most highly profiled conferences. Our experienced team ensures every aspect of the events are meticulously organized and executed in alignment with federal standards. From venue selection and contract negotiation to registration management and on-site coordination, we handle all the intricate details to create a successful and memorable conference experience. With our expertise in logistics, budgeting, and vendor management, we work closely with CDC to understand their specific needs and vision, tailoring our services to meet the unique requirements of each event.

Whether it’s a small-scale workshop across multiple cities/jurisdictions or a large conference with 500+ attendees, CB STRAT consistently delivers exceptional planning support that exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impression.