core values


We invest in each individual we employ.
We empower every person we collaborate with.

Les Lewis, CEO

CB STRAT has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the advancement of diversity, equity, inclusion, and collaboration. It is not what we do. It is who we are – on purpose.

These pillars guide us in empowering our clients.
We have the same mission. We  work together, synergistically,
to elevate public health initiatives, promote healthy  outcomes,
 and keep communities safe. It is everything to us.


At CB STRAT, diversity is celebrated and all-encompassing. We value diversity of thought, experience, education, race, culture, age, language, and gender.


We meet you where you are, as we all have different starting points. That’s the CB STRAT way. Equity speaks to ensuring fairness, justice, and an unencumbered path.


We empower our employee community to be their authentic selves. We are free to be the best version of who we are.


We embrace the notion of marshalling our collective will….working with our clients in varying capacities to garner the best outcomes and promote knowledge sharing through the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and data.


We leverage our collective passion for public health, continuing to elevate the field and provide services that connect the dots between health, community, and environment.