Streamlining Administrative & Business Operations with CB STRAT

At CB STRAT, we understand that effective administrative support goes far beyond answering phones and routing calls. It’s about creating an environment where your business can thrive and grow, unhindered by operational inefficiencies. Our leadership in providing top-notch administrative support is anchored on a holistic approach that empowers your executive leadership to achieve and maintain success.

More Than Just Support: We Optimize Workflow

Our team of world-class professionals is not just about providing back-end office support; we’re about improving your business output. We accomplish this by optimizing workflow, driving engagement, and ensuring seamless coordination of communication across various platforms. This allows our clients to focus on what they do best while we handle the rest.

Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Productivity

CB STRAT offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet your unique business needs. These include:

  • Executive Assistance: We provide high-level support to executives, freeing up their time to focus on strategic tasks.
  • Meeting Scheduling & Calendar Management: Our team ensures your schedules are well-organized and manageable. From setting up meetings to managing calendars and travel plans, we’ve got you covered.
  • Records Management: We help keep track of important documents and files, ensuring easy access and retrieval when needed.
  • Inventory/Procurement Management: We manage your inventory and procurement processes to ensure smooth operations and cost efficiency.
  • Business Process Improvement: We continuously seek ways to improve your business processes for increased productivity and effectiveness.
  • Grant/Cooperative Agreement Management: We assist in managing grants and cooperative agreements, ensuring compliance and timely reporting.

In a rapidly changing business landscape, having a trusted partner like CB STRAT can make all the difference. We’re committed to delivering exceptional administrative and business operations solutions that drive your success.

Adopt the CB STRAT way, and experience how our ‘roll-up’ approach can empower your organization’s operations today.